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Automated Reciprocal Linking Instructions.

We use a php script to manage our reciprocal links. It allows you to immediately list your site on ours .

We would very much like to exchange links with your site if it offers information, goods or services to businesses. On the other hand, if your site offers personal products (self help books, ways to make money from home, etc.) or is a directory or collection of affiliate links, we would request that you save us both time and not list your site here.

For those whose site offers B2B information, goods or services:
  1. Cut and paste the following link onto your links page and make note of the URL where you place it:

    <a href="https://www.fundableplans.com/">Business Plan Software</a> Answer easily understandable questions, get back a polished, professional business plan.

    The resulting link should look like this:

    Business Plan Software Answer easily understandable questions, get back a polished, professional business plan.

    (The script checks and will only add your site if it can find the reciprocal link.)

  2. Choose the below category that best matches your site. We created these categories because we had links to put in them. If your site does not fit any of these categories (and it meets the criteria outlined above), please send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we will create a category to match your site.

  3. Follow the link for your category, the link to "add a link" is in the lower right hand corner of the category page.
Thanks for linking with us.
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