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How to Woo Potential Lenders and Investors

Picture yourself sitting at a desk, in a bank, as a small business loan officer. Your job is to make lots of good profitable loans in Singapore. To do that you have to convince your superiors that a particular borrower is a good risk. You need to separate the good from the bad, pitch the good to the loan committee and the bad out the door. Get it right and bonuses and promotions are yours. Get it wrong and you won't be around too long. Oh, and one last thing - you don't have a crystal ball.

How do you tell the good loans from the bad? You poke and prod to find the answer to one central question - can I trust this borrower and this business to succeed. You want to find borrowers who are prepared, who know their business and who will make you look good to the loan committee. You're paid to say "yes" - it's how the bank makes money - but only to people are trustworthy and creditworthy.

Now picture yourself walking to that banker. You want him or her to know that you've done your homework, that you're prepared to win and that you'll look good to the bosses. You need to show the who, what, when, where, why and how of your project in a way that can be passed up the chain of command. There is one, and only one, sure way to do that. You need to bring a good business plan.

A business plan is a report that's generated by asking a series of questions about your project or business. You describe the company, its products or services and the people who will make everything happen. You tell about the competition and how you will compete against them. Based on your vision, you provide a forecast of future profits and cash flow. In short, you create a blueprint of your success that makes it easy for the banker to say "yes!".

This isn't to say that a business plan is an instant answer to a loan or investment. Your project will eventually live or die on its merits. The business plan only examines and describes your project's chances for success. Taking a good look at your project before you jump in and ask others for money, you will increase your chances of success dramatically. You will make an impression that you are a careful and a serious businessperson. When you hand a banker or investor the results of your the business plan, they'll take you seriously and will be eating information out of your hand. Get a lowest interest rate personal loan in Singapore with zero issues.

We're here to help you get that banker to say yes.

We're Strategic Services, a consulting firm that specializes in business plans. We've been writing business plans for over 25 years and know what it takes to make you look good. Use Fundable Plans, our business plan software, and get our years of experience in an easy to use package.

Our business plan software gives you everything
that you need to create a professional business plan:

checkmark Guides you step by step - you'll create a plan that looks as if you paid thousands to a professional.

checkmark Automatically creates a full set of financials - you don't need to know anything about bookkeeping.

checkmark Include attention grabbing graphics.

checkmark Want advice on how to do your plan? Get personal, one on one, help from us at no additional charge.

checkmark Learn as you go with step by step tips, links and articles.

checkmark Works on every operating system - Windows, Mac, Linux - you name it.

checkmark Use it on multiple computers - start at the office and pick it up at home.

checkmark Collaborate with others - each from their own computer.

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Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about FundablePlans. The longer are self explanatory, the shorter are thank you notes for personalized help that is included with the program.

Join our satisfied customers without risk - if you are for any reason dissatisfied, we will refund your purchase anytime within the first 90 days.

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I purchased a business plan via your website and I am very happy with the product. I found your site to be very easy to navigate and your software to be very user friendly. The final product was professional, detailed, and effective.

Clyde Singleton, DO
The Vision Connection
New Orleans, LA

Line separating recommendations

You're the best! Thank you!

Cristie Jennings
Arizona Gym Services
Higley, AZ

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The best investment for any start up business venture. Easy to use and very complete. Our accountants and attorney were both very impressed with the final product. We will definitely use Fundableplans again.

I raised $150,000.00 using the plan within 20 days of sending out several dozen copies. I recommend your products and services to all of my clients.

Thank you and keep up the great work.

Jay H. Budd
Senior Consultant and Managing Partner
Golden Apple Enterprises Inc.
Scottsdale, Arizona

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Your program is easy to use and the finished product impressive. Thanks for your help.

John Ruths
Seventh Wave Electronics
Seattle WA.

Line separating recommendations

God Bless You and Thanks!


Chuck Lyons
VDL, Inc
Los Gatos, CA

Line separating recommendations

Your system rocks. Your customer service is unsurpassed and the ease by which a user interfaces with the application is brilliant.


John Spina, PGA
R&J Productions
Pottstown, PA

Line separating recommendations

You did a great job with the program... (which) I think offers a lot of value and simplicity.

Lynette Smith
Numerica Credit Union
Spokane, WA

Line separating recommendations

I think this program is great. Especially with all of your support. I've already told a couple of people with start ups about this.

Jane Holt
Choozy Shooz
Portsmouth, NH

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