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How to do a Business Plan.

A business plan is a report that is generated by answering questions about the following:

If a plan has "financials" (it almost always should) it has three or five years of financial data including:

Its "cover sheet" is called an Executive Summary which should get the reader interested in the project and committed to reading the rest of the plan.

There are likely as many ways to compile business plans as there are authors of them. One way is the outline used by Fundable (it contains our logo which does not show up on our customer's plans). It is in PDF (Adobe Reader) format.

You probably won't be surprised to learn that we think that the $40 cost of Fundable will save you many multiples of that amount in time. It walks you through the process, does all of the financial calculations, compiles the plan for you, allows you to include graphics and includes both online help with your plan as well as help from our consultants (not customer service reps, people who write business plans professionally).

If you disagree and would prefer to use a word processor, spreadsheets to do your own calculations, forego the help and do your own setup and compiling, you may use the list of questions from Fundable to help guide you through the descriptive part of your plan. (To do a set of financials without the program will require you to understand or learn basic accounting or hire an accountant.) We believe that the questions represent a complete list of areas to consider for inclusion in your business plan. Please remember that the questions are protected by copyright (all rights reserved). Use them only as a guide and do not redistribute them in any way without express permission from us in writing. The list of questions is comprehensive - no one project will use them all. To get the questions, put your e-mail address in the box below and press "submit". Our server will auto-send them to you immediately.

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