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Instructions on using our business plan writer.   Instructions

Thanks! You've made a great investment in your business future.

Before we start, some notes on our program.

Our program uses "session state" cookies to maintain your session while you are using our program. The cookies only last until you shut down your browser and are not stored on your computer. (They "live" in the memory allocated to your browser and "die" when you shut down your browser). Still, you must set your browser to accept cookies to use our program. For instructions on how to set your browser to accept cookies click here. To review our privacy policy click here.

Our program uses Applets which are small programs that run in your browser. Ours are digitally signed for security. You must (obviously) accept the content to use the program. If you click "always" the first time that you are asked, you will not need to continually "accept" the content.

At the bottom of each questionnaire you will see a button marked "Save and Continue". Always click this button before closing your browser - it is how your data gets saved to the database. If you close the browser without pressing the button, the work on that page will be lost. Once you see the next page your work is saved.

Next to the "Save" button is a drop down menu which defaults to "next". If you do not want to go to the next page, use that menu to choose on which section you wish to work.

If you want to discard your work press the refresh button on your browser - the page will revert to the last saved version.

If you would like more information about any of the questions, place your mouse over the question on which you would like more information and, if available, additional information will appear.

If the information is insufficient, you will find, on each page, a button marked "Free Plan Help". It will open your e-mail client. Please e-mail us your question and we will respond no later than the next business day. If time is of the essence, feel free to call us at (215) 654-8150.

If you "copy and paste" data from a Microsoft Word document into Fundable, please be aware that Word places machine code instead of certain characters such as quotation marks and apostrophes. This code will appear as gibberish in your plan. To avoid this, copy and paste from the Word document into a text editor (Notepad on Windows) and then copy it from the text editor into Fundable.

If your operating system is Windows ME or Windows 98, please click here for special information on using our program under those systems.

Please do not use an ISP browser (AOL, MSN, etc.) with our program. Instead, please use a standard browser such as Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. We ask this because we are not familiar with branded browsers and cannot provide support.

The Applets require a plug-in which you likely have. If you do not have the plug-in you will see a gray box instead of Fundable after you first log-in. If this happens, please follow the link on that page to get the plug in.

Thanks again for using FundablePlans.

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