A note from the developer of FundablePlans.

Prior to legal developments of the last few years, most notably prosecutions by the US Department of Justice and the EU, it appeared as if Microsoft had a rather heavy handed way of dealing with competitors. Some say that they wanted to “rule the world”.

One of their apparently heavy handed dealings was with Sun Microsystems, the inventor of the Java programming language with which Fundable is built. Sun licensed Java to Microsoft and, according to Sun, Microsoft did not live up to the terms of the agreement. Sun sued Microsoft.

Due to various agreements and court decisions, Microsoft stopped distributing Sun Java and developed their own version. Unfortunately, the Microsoft version is about four years out of date and unusable for all but the simplest of graphics applications (i.e. a dancing bear on your screen).

I have no evidence that Microsoft tried to “squash” Sun Java as a result of their differences. I can tell you that there are issues with installing a current Sun Java plug-in into Internet Explorer on the older Microsoft operating systems. It may work and it may not. If it doesn’t, the fix is a long and involved process and even it sometimes fails.

An easier alternative on older Windows is to use Netscape Navigator. It comes with it’s own licensed Sun Java plug-in and it works as expected. If you choose to try to use Internet Explorer we will support you, but, as noted above, it may be difficult. A link and directions for installing Netscape are below my signature.

Thanks for using FundablePlans and good luck with your project.
Dave Miller

Netscape is a suite of programs including the Navigator browser. Once it is installed, use it to access FundablePlans.

We have placed a copy of the install program on our server: Netscape 7.1 (if you would prefer, please contact us and we will mail you a CD free of charge).

If you do not want to install the full suite (mail and news client, spell checker, etc) and just want the Sun Java enabled browser, follow all of these instructions. If you want the full suite, choose the defaults after instruction #6.

  1. Follow the above link (if asked whether you want to Run / Open or Save, choose Save).
  2. Save the file to a location that you can easily find (the Desktop is usually the easiest).
  3. Once the file has downloaded, "double click" it and a setup dialog will open.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Accept the license.
  6. Choose Custom and then click Next.
  7. Uncheck all boxes except Navigator and then click Next.
  8. Uncheck all boxes except Sun Java 2 and then click Next.
  9. Use the default program folder or choose one of your own and then click Next.
  10. Uncheck the Use Quick Launch box and then click Next.
  11. Leave checked or uncheck the homepage box and click Next.
  12. Click Install.