Does it seem like the web doesn't work anymore with dialup?

You'll be pleasantly surprised by Fundable. We use a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems called Java. It has what is called a "very small footprint". This means that using Fundable, even on dialup, is very fast.

The program uses small applications called "applets". Tests show that the pages within the FundablePlans program load almost instantly even while using a 56k modem and a standard connection (no "accelerator").

Having said that, please be advised that to view Java enabled web pages (like Fundable), your browser requires a Java plug-in. It is likely that your computer already has the plug-in installed. If not, Fundable will automatically direct you to Sun Microsystems to get one. Unfortunately, the plug-in is not "small footprint". While the plug-in download time is under 2 minutes on broadband, it takes about 20 minutes to get the plug-in on dialup. If, after purchasing Fundable, you find that you do not have the plug-in and do not want to download it, please call us at (800) 450-2750 and we will mail one to you free of charge.

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