Microsoft included a pop-up blocker for Internet Explorer as part of Service Pack 2 (SP2). While we do not use pop-ups, we do ask your browser to open your completed plan with Adobe Reader. We do this as it would otherwise be unreadable.

Because your plan is dynamic (you make changes and the server creates it for you when you ask for it), Microsoft treats it as a pop-up and, by default, blocks you from getting your plan. To avoid this, please do the following before trying to download your plan:
  1. Within Internet Explorer go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy.
  2. Within the Pop Up Blocker section (at the bottom) click on Settings.
  3. In the "Address of Web site to allow" box type .
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. Close out the dialog boxes.
In the alternative (and were we Microsoft we would mark this "Recommended"), use Firefox which is available for free from It is a much more secure browser than Internet Exporer and it is Standards Compliant which eliminates these types of problems.

If you need further assistance, please call us at (800) 450-2750.

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